“The Battle Against Moths: Why You Need Moth Traps in Your Home”

Moths, with their drab appearance and nocturnal habits, may not seem like much. But, these little pests cause significant damage to our homes and clothes. Their larvae (aka moth eggs) feed on natural fibres such as wool, silk, and fur, leaving holes and damage in their wake. Pantry moths contaminate our food, making it inedible and unappetizing.


Gross, right?


But don’t worry, there’s an easy solution to keep these pesky insects out of your home – moth traps!


Moth traps are a non-toxic, safe and effective way to control the population of moths in your home.


They work by attracting male moths with odorless and family-safe pheromones. Once the moths come close, the glue traps them before they can cause any damage. Without the males to mate, female moths can no longer produce larvae. No more larvae = no more damage!


Investing in moth traps is a simple and affordable way to protect your clothes, carpets, and food.. They are easy to use and will quickly become a must-have item in your home.


Take control of your battle against moths. Get your hands on moth traps today!

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  1. I just bought 6 of your MothMag traps and think I purchased the right trap for the problem. However, it would be more than helpful, for everyone, if you also printed good color photos of the different types of moths for your different type of traps: both on the sites that sell your MothMag traps, and on this site.

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