No, the traps have no odor.

Yes! Our traps are 100% safe and non-toxic.

Yes! Our traps are 100% safe for your pets and non-toxic.

Yes. Our clothing moth traps effectively trap both Casemaking and Webbing moths when they are in their adult stage. Our clothing moth traps are not effective for gypsy, food, or other moths.

No, our clothing moth traps are for clothes moths only.

The traps will last for up to three months or until full. For best results, replace traps every 8-12 weeks.

When male and female moths mate, they can produce up to 400 eggs at a time. This can cause a serious infestation to occur in a short amount of time. Once the eggs hatch, the baby moths – called larvae – start feasting on, chewing, and contaminating your food or clothing. 


Our secure, safe, and unscented moth traps are packed with our formidable pheromone formula. This powerful attractant entices male moths, by tricking them into thinking that they are mating with a female moth. The moths are then trapped by our signature super-strength glue. This disrupts the pantry moths’ mating process, so that you won’t have new eggs to deal with as you’re battling the infestation

Pantry Moth traps:


1.  Empty your pantry and clean it thoroughly. Inspect food carefully, and look for small insects, webbings, or cocoons. Throw away all food items that are open.

2. Clean the pantry well. Vacuum, wash, and rinse every surface.

3. Open traps.

4. Place 2-3 traps in your pantry and kitchen. Consider using different heights for maximum effectiveness.

5. Watch the magic happen! Allow 10 days for pheromones to unleash their full power.


Clothing Moth Traps:


1. Wash all clothes thoroughly with the hottest cycle that the material allows. Dry clean clothes if applicable.

2. Clean the entire closet with hot water and cleaning agents, such as Mr. Clean. 

3. Place traps strategically in the clean closet.

    • Place 2-3 traps in your closet space, depending on closet size.
    • For best results, place traps on opposite sides of the closet.
    • Hang them on different levels of height to increase effectiveness.

4. Watch the magic happen! Allow 10 days for pheromones to unleash their full power.

Yes. Because we know moths. And we know that our traps work. 

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